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SWORD was created in 1999 as the main brand of Katana Golf Co., Ltd. and has been a leader and mainstay in the long-distance HICOR driver industry for the past 20 years. There are many well-known SWORD club models that received tremendous love and support from many golfers such as SWORD IZU MAX COR (2007 model) and SWORD SNIPER 4WD (2010 model). These club models have become so famous to the point where many times the brand SWORD is used interchangeably with our company brand, Katana Golf in many countries.

Moment of Intertia

Using a customized semi-shallow face head, SWORD gives a soft feeling on impact. Moreover, the weight of the club is evenly distributed throughout the head with a twin-weight technology system. This enables golfers to experience the moment of inertia, increasing the swing speed at the exact moment of contact. SWORD expanded its impact surface of the face head, allowing golfers to experience the deep-faced long distance and the shallow-faced accurate direction of the ball.

Kick Point Flow Shaft

SWORD's Kick Point Flow Shaft adjusts to each golfer's swing tempo and accurately reacts to the moment of impact. Along with maximized moment of inertia, the kick point technology will make full use of the highest rebound speed of the face head.

SWORD: Brands
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