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Golfwear for Lifestyle

KYJ GOLF was founded in 2001 and first started with the slogan “Golfwear for Lifestyle” to provide golfers with golf apparels that are fashionable and suitable not just on the golf course, but also in their daily lives. KYJ GOLF is targeted for golfers who have a high sense of fashion and who look for a ‘Masstige Lifestyle’ golf wear. With its vivid, one-point tone colors, KYJ GOLF apparels give golfers a classy and simple design that does not look overly exaggerated, but instead portrays a minimalism feel of a fashion leader. KYJ GOLF’s classic design, when worn, fits comfortably to produce a slim silhouette.

KYJ GOLF was acquired by Katana Golf Co., Ltd. in 2014, and three years later launched the first premium SWORD golf wear in 2017. KYJ GOLF have been sponsoring many KLPGA tournaments throughout the years, and also sponsors a group of KLPGA and CLPGA professional golfers.

KYJ GOLF: Brands
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