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AXA GOLF was created in 2012 as Katana Golf's next luxury, high-end Japanese golf brand after SWORD. AXA GOLF uses its newly developed high-elasticity, lightweight shaft that is suitable for men, ladies, and senior golfers who are looking for not only longer distances, but also higher forgiveness and better control. Overcoming all of the common problems of standard lightweight shafts such as severe bending, severe shaking, and weak feeling on impact, AXA GOLF's newly developed shaft allows for a powerful ball trajectory through its high elasticity and unique technology. In addition to AXA GOLF's unique lightweight shaft, the shallow-faced and deep-faced HICOR head is specially designed to give golfers a comfortable feeling even during the addressing stage of a golf shot. AXA GOLF's high-elasticity, lightweight shaft complements well with its HICOR non-conformed head to together give golfers a brand-new experience of an explosively long distance with optimal ball trajectory.


AXA GOLF's twin-weight technology helps golfers create a consistent swing plane to enhance the accuracy of each shot. When this technology is combined with AXA GOLF's chemical titanium head and fully forged titanium cup face, be prepared to hit long distances never experienced before!


AXA GOLF's double-kick shaft is designed in a way to make it feel a bit lighter towards the head and heavier near the grip. This is due to AXA GOLF's technology of fully integrating the basic principle of the lever, enhancing the moment of inertia. Moreover, by aligning the balance of the head toe with the shaft's kick point, AXA GOLF successfully enlarged the sweet point of impact in the club face head. This alignment not only prevents slicing of the ball, but also infinitely increases the head speed.

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